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It is not unheard of for Virginia to pen a poem or two, most commonly with a rhyme and always with a metre. She is not a believer in prose poetry so much as poetic prose.

To date, she has had only two poems published, but her poetry is an expression of discovery, personal to herself. Therefore, she marks her success on actually managing to complete a poem rather than having it published.

Not considering herself a poet, but more a wordsmith, she is happy to share these samples with you as a sample of her poetic attempts...

The Disappearance of Thwaites
Too Soon the Hourglass Turns

Dinky Stories

This is understood to mean prose under 10,000 words.

During the year of 2020, Virginia set herself the challenge of submitting to a journal or competition every week. This was met with little success, but did bag a shortlisted place in one competition. Ironically, in the second week of 2021, she had a piece accepted. She happily concedes that 2020 was "just one of those years!"

Here you can find a sample of her stories - some published, others new - across a broad range of genres. Hopefully there's something to appeal to everyone.

Stepping Out
My Mother's Eyes to See, My Father's Hand to Guide
Elemental Hypnosis
Little Fizzles of Magic
Into the Woods
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