Stomper McEwan

Round the twist

Stomper’s Art

On a few occasions throughout history, an individual who is totally useless at something has suddenly had a transformation which makes them either outstanding, or at least passable, at a skill.  Meet Stomper aged 19.  Prior to this point, Stomper’s people always had eyes which took up half their faces, and her landscapes were a number of set lines and had the appearance of a painting-by-numbers picture.  Now her landscapes are still the same but have more lines, and her people look almost human.

She uses her artistry mainly to illustrate writings of her own, or those of her sisters. Occasionally, she just experiments to see what a few daubs of paint or scribbles of ink can do to a piece of paper.  She loves drawing in pencil (2B being preferable, if only so she can chuckle at her unfunny rendition of Hamlet as she draws) and charcoal, although the latter requires a little too much discipline.

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