Stomper McEwan

Round the twist

Current Projects

Stomper’s current artistic projects are all encompassing, ranging from her quest for perfect poetry to her ambition of completing a picture – instead of leaving people as floating heads most of the time – and from recording albums of music with sisters in the group ‘The Rosie Janes’ to braving the publishers with her prose work.

Here are a few samples to give you an idea of what’s on the go.


The Watcher’s Heir

Every writer has a story they feel best describes all that is in their soul, and this is Stomper’s.  Ten instalments set to total about 1,800,000 words, this tells the epic journey of a humanity striving to defeat evil, even when evil is the one thing that can save them.  In the fight between good and evil it is those with the potential of both that will tip the balance.


Scarborough Fair

Civil war and politics dictate the actions of Edward Gillort, a young landowner in the northern quarter of England.  His fanciful dream of marriage to a Gypsy girl, Rizeldah, are crushed by the need to form an alliance to save his father.  As he travels to Scarborough Fair for a final meeting with Rizeldah a series of events unfold that unearth his anxious past filled with betrayal, murder and falsehoods that robbed him of his mother and brother.


Who Knows, Does

When a wealthy businessman, Oliver Harris, is murdered, the police are spoilt for choice for suspects.  The only person who can prove their alibi without any doubt is Oliver’s ex-wife, Anna- Maria, the one person happy to confess to murder.  But who is she trying to defend and what secrets does she aim to cover with her elaborate charade?


The Adventures of Annie Green

Annie Green is a young witch from a long line of magicians, witches and sorcerers.  Her misadventures and learning curve of magic are related in rhyming poetry as she aims to live up to her great ancestry whilst living awestruck in the shadow of her brother, Duncan. This is Stomper’s attempt at writing for little children.


Once Upon a Time: The Tale of a True Heroine

Seeped in theology and aimed at a teenage audience, this story is the account of an individual growing up as an orphan within the shelter of an abbey.  But there is an evil that seeks to corrupt innocence, driven by embittered denial and none of the abbey’s inhabitants are safe from such ancient and malicious magic.


The Confessions of a Convert

The reign of Mary I – or Bloody Mary – was filled with darkness, desperation and death.  Following a prophetic dream and the burning of one heretic monk, the queen begins a personal quest to remedy her actions.  However, her court, her pride and her overwhelming need to please and pacify her husband can bring only further suffering to the people of England, despite the warnings and advice of her shrewish sister.

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