Stomper McEwan

Round the twist

About Me

To understand me you have to understand that each rule of nature needs an exception.  And then you must appreciate that being an eternal optimist is the only way to make all things better.  When you can comprehend these two things you can crack open the metaphorical nutshell and find me there inside.

All that I am and all that I know (believe it or not, I do know some things!) I try to put to work in art, poetry and prose.  The professions of artist and writer have long since been accepted as belonging to impoverished dreamers and so, thankfully, I also have the perfect job as a music teacher.

If you can deal with Sunshine Smiles and a chirpy doctrine of morals then please do read on in hopeful agreement.  If you can’t, read on to understand why some people can.

Stomper McEwan

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